Crème de la Comments

One does not simply comment on Why? Because Science without one’s genius/insanity/idiocy being quoted at a later date…

Your comments have made me LOLMFAOTFWRAOSF (Laugh Out Loud On My F*#&ing Ass On The Floor While Rolling Around on Said Floor) too many times to recall. Sometimes it’s because they are so completely irrelevant that you’ve made yourself look like a total chop in front of the entirety of WordPress (which I do on a regular basis, but it’s nice to be out of the hot seat.) Most of the time, however, it’s because what you’ve had to say has been incredibly funny, insightful and/or flattering. Here are the best of the bunch.

To get on the list, all you have to do is be funny or clever or a complete idiot. As long as it’s sciencey. Easy!

My favourite of your intellectual (and sometimes not-so intellectual) contributions


 “Why was Heisenberg so bad at making love?

Because when he had the position he didn’t have the momentum and when he had the momentum he didn’t have the position.”

– Nice one, Great Ape Thoughts (


“I like my women like my chemistry  Hot, sticky, and potentially explosive!

Wait, I meant sex, not women, it works better with sex!”

– Joetwo, this comment was a total winner and your poetry makes me squishy inside (


“Your blog is awesome, I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award. You have a way of making the complex sound so simple. Well deserved!”

– I was so excited to get this comment. And then I realised that there was no cash prize. I’m kidding, it’s an honour just to be nominated *flaps at face* Thanks ‘Real Footprints!’

World Peace!


On “It’s Just Not Natural” in response to my mentioning of deep-sea animals that seldom get involved in heterosexual couplings…

“I found this particularly offensive to obscure, little heard-of, abyssal-dwelling sea squishies. They’ve been rallying the cry of natural freedom to stick their intromittent bits and gono-whatevers in the same sex for centuries. They’ve been quite open about calling another same-sex squishy their bitch, or in some cases calling themselves their own bitch.”

Christopher Reeve (yes, superman lives!) then went on to say…

“My life and understanding of love would be greatly impoverished without the gay. Plus, a group of people who have to fight that hard to simply be themselves should be looked upon as expert leaders in character-building and developing self-esteem.”

– The first made me spray coffee all over my laptop. My keys have been sticky ever since (thanks Chris). The second comment I found to be beautiful and a healthy message for everyone to hear. Thanks Superman


“Tell me a potassium joke.

– K”

– Helium (He) helium (He) helium (He) JustSomebodyThatYouUsedToKnow.


“As my physicist sister says about meeting potential partners at work: The odds are good, but the goods are odd.”

– Made me LOL, Minlit (


On “Holy Hit!”

“Chicxulub was a pipsqueak compared to the big momma of them all the “Thea” impact of circa 4.4 Billion years ago (give or take an Eon). Another PLANET the size of Mars smashed into the infant earth, completely vaporizing the surface and leaving a cloud of debris that collated into the Moon. Something to think of on a moonlight stroll don’t you think?”

– Indeed it is Joetwo. But what is so special about the comment you left on my blog post “Holy Hit” is, beforehand, I had no idea that I shared a name with the biggest and most devastating of all impacts in Earth’s history, “Thea” or “Theia”. This makes me feel awesome and it lands you, yet again, on this prestigious list!


 On “Relocation, Relocation, Relocation! Life on Mars”

But you forgot the biggest problem about living on Mars. There’s no wireless internet connection. How am I supposed to access “Why? Because Science”? Haha!
Thanks for awesome post!”

– Aaaaaah! Thank you Primeiro do Plural (


On “Gravity and the Laws of Attraction, Somewhat Revised”

Is there a formula by which you can calculate why this post has not been Freshly Pressed? And do you realize the potential for pocket-picking by calculating the gravitational pull of every female to her desired male? I call out female because I just don’t see men availing themselves of this service; they would likely just fling their mass toward the female in hopes of sticking. There’s another gravitational post for you. “Madame Thea’s Little Shop of Positive Gravitational Attractions.” And I think many of us have felt like Io (Jupiter’s tormented moon) at some time in our lives. Last, but hardly least, I so appreciate your writing about this subject in a style to which I can relate as well as actually understand.

– Fantastic ego-stroking by Mad Queen Linda:


On “Hasta La Vista Hangover!”

Aye! It is a fine solution, even with some more dilution, it can bring restitution to your constitution. Though if used for absolution or for your ablution it can lead to destitution of your elocution, spousal revolution, a spot of devolution, even electrocution.

– Dammit Joetwo, when are you going to stop leaving such noteworthy comments? (never, I hope)


Also, on “Hasta La Vista Hangover!”

Please feel free to add more scientifically interesting ‘biology reference pics’ like the one illustrating the awesomeness of alcohol…

–        User Ingmar, in reference to a picture of two hot drunk girls making out on three large kegs of beer. Yes… this blog has a picture of two hot drunk girls making out on a three large kegs of beer. You’re welcome.


How, hi are you? I am very interested in your article and would like to learn more on this subject. I am a real person. I am not a bot person or a spam person. Your blog has much useful information stuff to learn about things. Would you like to buy some pills that make your naughty bits quite a much bigger?

– It may be spam, but “Not-a-bot-person-or-a-spam-person” wins a spot on this list for making me snort my coffee. As a female of the species, it would be prudent to keep my naughty bits humble in size.


17 thoughts on “Crème de la Comments

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  3. Seems a different blog, seems interest, seems like it makes the world a bit more light. I will keep track of your blog. You have a good humour and high a habilitations and some photos with hot women for what I’ve understood… So I will be more than pleased to be here Why? Because Sciece… AND hot women 😀

  4. Seems a different blog, seems interest, seems like it makes the world a bit more light. I will keep track of your blog. You have a good humour and high habilitations and some photos with hot women for what I’ve understood… So I will be more than pleased to be here Why? Because Science…AND hot women 😀

  5. I love your Blog. It is an inspiration to me having just started, keep writing! If you get the chance it would mean so much to me if any of you would read and follow my Blog about every day psychology. Its called blogmesmart and I can assure you I will show you the tricks of the trade!

    • Thank you, I shall take a look when I have a second of time to myself. I’m about to leave on holiday to Thailand, so the household is somewhat crazy at the moment. I could do with a few tricks of the trade, so I’ll be sure to check it out.

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