Gravity Waves Discovered: In Plain English

Social media has been abuzz with a breaking discovery in science and exploration, which tells us two things: (1) Our society has come a long way as far as interest in the sciences is concerned – people are actually getting excited over this latest discovery and are sharing the news via Facebook, Twitter etc. And (2) the news itself is absolutely revolutionary! Einstein’s theory has effectively been proven with the first real detection of gravity waves. But, I’ll let theoretical physicist and string theorist Brian Greene explain that to you…

Video Source:Brian Greene Explains The Discovery Of Gravity Waves” Uploaded by World Science Festival to YouTube channel


6 thoughts on “Gravity Waves Discovered: In Plain English

  1. Gravitational waves are so cool! What gets me is that most theories get modified with new evidence.Einstein? He is merely proven right. Over and over. Even after a century. Awesome stuff.

    • Correct! But, unfortunately the title of the YouTube video I shared was called “Brian Greene Explains Gravitational Waves” or something to that effect. I keep the original titles in case someone wants to check it out on YouTube.

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