Owls Being Totes Adorbs

This is a science blog and as such, I try not to make a habit of posting obnoxiously cute animal videos… however, when it comes to owls, all the rules go out the window. I’m an avid bird-watcher and I absolutely adore cats. So, when you have a bird that looks like a cat, I can’t help but implode into a hot squishy mess. Given that this will be EXACTLY what will be happening to your brain tonight over your New Years Eve’s celebrations, I thought it only fitting to make an exception.

Enjoy! Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Video Source: Uploaded by mihaifrancu on YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RBNpALibqo


10 thoughts on “Owls Being Totes Adorbs

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  2. <–(unintentional anonymity) I think i know why. The fox and the owl are sacred in Cherokee Religion bc they were there at the dawn of creation. They were the only ones. They are awake all day and nocturnal. I assume New Years is especially hand made for owls 🙂 Hope we can all help the Lord cure Mother Earth and all her problems so New Years can include homosapians.

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