Space Smells Like Raspberries (and Other Obscure Discoveries)

If you thought that space was a yawning airless chasm with the occasional star, planet, drifting hunk of rock or George Clooney, THINK AGAIN (even though you’re sort of right). In this amazing video, we get to meet 10 of the COOLEST things that have been discovered in space, including Mickey Mouse as it turns out.

From planets with narrow belts of totally habitable land to gas clouds that smell like raspberries, let’s journey through some pretty amazing phenomenon that would be more befitting of a Terry Pratchett novel.

Video Source: “10 Most Amazing Things Ever Found In Space” Uploaded by Top10Media on YouTube channel


6 thoughts on “Space Smells Like Raspberries (and Other Obscure Discoveries)

  1. According to Astronauts space smells like gun powder. I have also heard of space clouds that contain so much alcohol that it could keep every man woman and child on Earth nicely sloshed for the rest of time. If that wasn’t a reason to go into space I don’t know what it is.

    • But how can they smell space when it’s practically a vacuum? Are they not smelling the insides of their suits? And if that’s the case.. what ARE they feeding them up there?

  2. Every time, when I see pictures like these and see a documentary about the planets, stars, etc. I truly wish to get out of this planet and to see everything “live”. This looks just so fantastic, and I think, that I will never be able to imagine what is really happening. This si so fast and strong and big, that I am just like a child, thinking: “wow!”

    Oh and joetwo wrote, that he heard, that a cloud in the universe contains a lot of alcohol, I heard it too 😀 I was just here now, thinking: “good, happy hour, without stop”

    I saw it now on your fb page and I must see the clip 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Starsky thoughts and commented:
    Space Smells Like Raspberries (and Other Obscure Discoveries) (from Why? Because Science.)

    It is in english and just amazing!

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